Friday, April 27, 2007

Strange Things that Don't Seem Strange Anymore

1. Finding geckos in my kitchen cupboards
2. Finding the little golden tree frog that lives somewhere in my bathtub drain
3. Garden snails the size of the palm of my hand
4. Buying shelf milk in a box, unrefrigerated
5. Brown eggs only
6. Driving on the left side of the road
7. Paying for absolutely everything in cash, including car insurance, electricity, and gasoline
8. Buying electricity at the store on a little card, which I then insert into a box inside my house which then recharges my house with electricity.
9. Electricity going out in restaurants, in grocery stores, at church….and no one even reacts. The waiters light candles, the clerks hand-write receipts, everyone keeps singing…. No big deal!
10. Full service gas stations only
11. Always removing my shoes when entering someone’s house
12. Warm rain
13. Gorgeous pineapples on every street corner for about $1 each
14. Waking to the sound of roosters and the Muslim call to prayer.
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