Monday, June 25, 2007

Heathrow Airport, London

Whew! My breath is taken away by the speed at which these pictures downloaded! Just another evidence that I am now in the United States.

Anyway, we are safe and sound in California. Nine hours to London, 10 hours to California. Multiply by 5 when adding an 18 month old to the mix.... Actually, Grace did well, all things considering. She didn't sleep much, and she did rip up all the in-flight magazines, but we managed to stay sane! She made friends with half the people on the planes and all the flight attendants--and they gave her first class food--her first taste of strawberries!

We are now happily basking in the warmth of friends and family. Oh yeah, and enjoying Walmart!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Bet You Never Knew You Could Fill Potholes This Way

Workers are doing some renovation on the little guest house next to our house (a good friend of ours will live there in the fall). So what did they do with all the scraps of concrete and roof shingles? What better way to put it to use than to fill in the potholes in the road! This is actually a pretty common practice....the drawback is that it occasionally puts holes in your tires! Below are pictures of the road right outside our house.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Gil's Photo Studio

Hannah (American) and Laura (Dutch) asked Gil to do a photo shoot with them since they will soon be separated after four years of being best friends. Hannah's family is moving to Kenya. Such is the life of an MK. We've recently been thinking about how we want to do some specific teaching with our students on how to deal with all the loss they experience every year as so many people come and go in their lives.

We also attempted to take a new prayer card picture. Gil isn't satisfied with any of them, though, so we'll be trying again!

Grace and her good friend Lotta (staying with us this weekend).

Friday night was our last night of Youth Group for the school year, and I think we set our record for the number of people we packed into our living room, especially because The Master's College team joined us. Good thing the weather has cooled down--otherwise it wouldn't smell very nice in here with 40+ people who've just been out playing basketball!