Monday, October 22, 2007

Daddy's On Vacation....

...and that means a new photo shoot for Grace! Who needs Sears when you have Gil Medina?

It was very hard to pick my favorites...but here they are:
Grace Christa Medina, age 22 months

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Why I Miss the Yellow Pages

So my new washing machine is in the bathroom, and drains into the sink. But the sink has been a little clogged, making it overflow. So I bought some of those super-caustic granules that are supposed to un-clog drains. Last Thursday I dumped half the bottle into the drain (as per the directions), and then the drain stopped completely. I mean completely. Not a speck of water would go through those pipes.


So that meant that in order to use the washing machine, I had to drain the water into buckets and lug the buckets over to the shower to dump them out. You have no idea how much water a washing machine can use to do a load until you see all that water in buckets. It's shameful, really.

I kept hoping that after a few days, the water would miraculously start draining. But alas. So I sent text messages to a few friends and asked them if they knew a good plumber. Finally I located one and he fixed it yesterday by taking apart the sink and digging out all of the caustic substance which had crystallized in my drain. But in order to do this, he had to break the cement in which the sink was positioned. So I do have working drains again, finally, but does anyone know someone who can cement my sink back in? Does anyone know where to at least buy cement?

So then, on Monday morning, I was cooking up a storm because our EFCA team would be coming to dinner that night (about a dozen people). Just after I put the cake in the oven, I noticed that the gas in my stove had run out. As mentioned below, we buy gas in large canisters, and you never really know when it will run out. Well, no problem, I was prepared with an extra tank. But when I went to switch the tank, I couldn't get the hose to connect. In frustration, Grace, me, and the tank piled into the car and drove to the nearest gas fundi (the general term for someone who fixes or makes things). The fundi agreed to come to my house so he jumped in the car and we all drove back. His inspection revealed that the wrong kind of nozzle had been put on the tank.

Sigh again.

"Do you have another tank I can buy?" "Nope, we're all out of that kind." The closest place to buy my kind of gas was 45 minutes away, and I didn't have that kind of time.

So the potatoes went with me to school and I stuck them in the tiny little oven used for cooking classes at school. And I borrowed a friend's hotplate to cook the chili. The only thing that didn't get cooked was the pineapple cake.

Life is most certainly never boring here. :-) I'm laughing about it now!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Amazing Grace

Through a wonderful act of Providence, we are now in communication with a Dutch couple who was at Light in Africa orphanage on the very day Grace was brought in. For the first time, we have newborn pictures of our precious little girl! I can't tell you how thrilled I was to get these pictures...the earliest pictures we had were of Grace at 5 months old. I love these pictures, but I know that they will mean even more to Grace when she is older.

January 17, 2006

...and almost two years later!