Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Only in Africa

On Friday we noticed that water was no longer coming to our house. This is not an immediate problem, because we have large water storage tanks at this house that collect water when it comes in from the city (because water tends to be irregular). The water in our tanks can last us a couple of weeks.

However, we found out today that the water company has shut off the water for the entire area, because too many people have not paid their water bill!

Water is the only utility in this city that is not pre-paid. You don't get a bill in the mail either. Periodically you just have to drive to the water company and ask to pay your bill. (My bill is PAID, thank you very much). And since they can't just turn off an individual's water, they turned off everyone's water.

So who knows how long the water will be off. The problem is that since there is no accountability for paying for your water bill, a renter will move on without paying their year's worth of water. So that means that the next renter is supposed to pay for the past renter's water bill too....which is why no one pays for water.

So what will we do in a week or so when we run out of water? Hire a "water truck" to come to our house and fill our tanks with water again. It's more expensive that way...but...what can you do?


jlelovesjesus said...

wow amy thats way differnt than the states kind of a bummer.

Megan @ SimplyThrifty said...

That's pretty crazy! I hope your water gets turned on again soon.

Peter and Sarah said...

WOW! And I whine when water is off for a few minutes of emergency plumbing.