Friday, December 14, 2007

Scary Santa

Our grocery store displays a 5 foot tall, mechanical singing and moving Santa. (The meager Christmas decorations that are seen here do not exactly fall into the "classy" category).

A couple of weeks ago, Grace saw it for the first time and started screaming in absolute terror. Thankfully, we were leaving the store when she saw it and we got her out of there quick!

Earlier this week, Grace and I went shopping again. We walked in the store, she saw the Santa about 30 feet away, and she screamed and started running out of the store. So I picked her up and kept assuring her, "We'll stay away from the Santa. But the Santa's not scary."

As we walked through the store, she kept looking over her shoulder for the Santa, and kept assuring herself, "Santa not scary....Santa not scary." We passed by it quickly as we left and I told her that we were going "bye bye" from the Santa and that everything was okay now.

I still think the whole experience was fairly traumatic for her because for the past two days, she has been telling me out of the blue, "Santa not scary....bye bye Santa."

Not sure how she'll react when she sees Santas everywhere in the States! Hopefully they at least won't be mechanical.


jlelovesjesus said...

awww poor grace i can just picture her screaming!

Heather Pelczar said...

poor baby girl... more close hugs for you though....

da halls said...

Poor Grace. It's hard to be a kid.

oooo! oooo! *raising hand waving wildly* Can we see you guys on your whirlwind tour to visit family?