Saturday, January 5, 2008

Christmas in San Dimas

Six fun days with the Medina clan! Grandma and Grace.

Grace and cousin Maddie...Grandma knows how to find the coolest presents! This one, however, did not make it on the plane with us....!

Hooray for more presents! Really, though, her favorite part was just tearing off the paper.

By the way, Grace is talking more and more every day now. After spending two weeks in the States, she learned two very important words: "Elmo" and "Dora." Should I be proud....or should I call it corruption???

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jlelovesjesus said...

well since you live in africa id call it corruption evry toddler in the states loves dora or elmo. my niece sophia cant enough of dora and diego. thats all sh watches every time she comes over its dora dora.

darn the car didnt make it on th plane.