Saturday, April 12, 2008

Does This Make Me Green?

I wash and reuse my zip-lock bags. Lots of times. According to past roommates (who shall remain nameless) and friends who now live in Long Beach (who shall remain nameless), this made me weird. Very weird.

But I was raised in Africa. You couldn’t buy zip-lock bags there. They were a luxury so you re-used them until they didn’t hold together anymore. So I did it in the States too—out of habit, I guess. Now I do it because I’m living in Africa again and I have to make my one box of bags last two years.

But this makes me Green, right? Now, I know I haven’t lived in the States for a while, but Green means Cool, right? Not weird? Definitely not weird.

Wash ‘em, stick ‘em on the wall to dry. Good as new.
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