Monday, June 23, 2008

End of the Year Events

School ended on Friday! The last two weeks have gone by at such break-neck speed that I have barely caught my breath...and we haven't stopped yet! On Thursday a team of nine joins us from California...and next week is our annual youth camp! But before too much time goes by, I thought I'd give a glimpse of some of the big events of the last couple of weeks.

Gil and I have had the idea for a couple years now to start an annual Bible verse contest, in order to encourage the kids to get their verses into their long-term memory. Finally, this year we got it going and it was a great success! Five finalists from each class competed against each other in a spelling-bee-like style of competition, but using Bible verses instead of spelling words. The kids were fantastic, God was glorified, and I was seriously afraid I wasn't going to be able to eliminate the last few kids...and that they would go on saying verses all morning! But we finally ended up with three winners:

First place: Josh, 3rd grade

Second place: Juen, 1st grade

Third place: Walker, 5th grade

10th Grade Celebration Assembly: As I mentioned in an earlier post, finishing 10th grade here is something to be celebrated.

And presenting....Haven of Peace Academy's very first graduating 12th grade class!!!! Very exciting day, obviously. This year, 7 seniors. Next year--a full class of over 20! How God is blessing our school!

But perhaps the best part of all...Grace's Bibi and Babu are visiting! And TODAY is their 35th wedding anniversary! I praise God for you, Mom and Dad!
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