Sunday, July 6, 2008

Happiness is....

...getting your adoption approval letter in the mail!!!

Yep, we got it. Finally. Actually, from the way things have been going, I am pretty shocked. It seems like the social worker kind of skipped over a couple steps that I was expecting to take longer. But I'm not complaining.

We have been approved to adopt a baby from the Mburahati Orphanage in Dar. According to our lawyer, there are at least 4 available baby boys at this orphanage. On Tuesday we will go there with her to check things out. Please pray that God makes it very clear which baby should be ours, because it could come down to us "choosing" do we do that? I have no idea.

Once a baby has been chosen, it could take as little as two weeks for us to bring him home. :-)

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