Saturday, August 2, 2008

Can You Tell Grandma is Visiting?

....because this is what my living room looks like. Don't ask me how Grandma managed to fit all these things into her luggage...I think it's a magic-grandma sort of thing like Mary Poppins' bag.

Dora gets to hear Grandpa's story too. Very important.

On Thursday Grandma, Grandpa (Gil's parents) and Uncle Brandon went with us to Wet n' Wild. East Africa's largest water park. Imagine your local water park 15 years from now but with no repairs....very few life guards....very few rules! It's great fun--and cheap--but I always get a little nervous that something is going to fall apart before my eyes.

Did I mention no rules? Like taking your two-year old on every ride with you?

Her favorite part, though, was the park equipment--since we don't have any parks in Dar.

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