Friday, October 24, 2008

A Week in the Life of Us

Okay, okay, so I know it's been a while since I have blogged (as some of you have so politely reminded me).

The truth is, there hasn't been anything terribly interesting to write about. And creative topics haven't been coming to me. Is that called a blogger's block?

So. I will write about my non-interesting week so that you can see that life in Africa isn't always an adventure. And despite what I said in my last post, maybe sometimes it is even boring.

We've been on vacation this week. For me, that doesn't mean much except that I don't teach my sixth grade Bible class (which is only 4 hours a week anyway). More significantly, it means that Gil is home.

Often we try to get away during our school breaks. But this time, with prices going up all over place, we decided we didn't have the money, we weren't ready to leave Josiah overnight, and there just aren't too many toddler-friendly places around here anyway.

So. Then our not-so-exciting break turned even more un-exciting when Gil got sick Saturday-Sunday-Monday and Grace and Josiah got sick Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday, including the oh-so-wonderful Wednesday when Grace cried pretty much the whole day due to an ear ache.

So we visited the doctor and got meds. Lots of them. "Mommy," Grace told me that night after getting totally doped up, "I have nose drops and ear drops...and mouth drops!" (referring to the cough syrup). What can I say? My dad is a pharmacist. I believe in medicine.

But there were some highlights along the way.

Tuesday we went to the pool.

Nope! She's not drowning. She's swimming!

And the happy little guy. Who actually isn't that happy while I am writing this because he still doesn't feel good. But he was happy in the pool.

Yesterday Gil did a photo shoot for two girls who are very special to us.
And their parents are doing very important work assisting Bible translation.
Victoria, grade 7

Christa, grade 9. (I know you are reading this, Christa! Do you like my choice?)

Today we went to Tanzania's one-and-only mall to get Grace's ears pierced, since every Tanzanian little girl has her ears pierced. But we discovered that the jewelry store is closed on Fridays because the owners are Muslim (Fridays for Muslims are kind of like Sundays for Christians). So then we had to explain to Grace that, no, she wasn't going to get to wear her earrings today after all. She was sad. Probably because she didn't really realize that "getting your ears pierced" actually involves piercing.

We also got to host our mission team meeting on Monday night, have some teens over for dinner on Tuesday night, and last night, Gil and I went to go see a free movie about the Red Cross during the "European Film Festival."

And today, while doing some grocery shopping and noticing that the price of disposable diapers has increased AGAIN, I decided, THAT'S IT!, I'm going to cloth. (Though I have made that decision before and changed my we'll see).

So now, at this moment, while waiting for pictures to download, I am researching cloth diapers. I do already have some, and Grace uses them at night, but they are the old-fashioned kind which you have to fold and pin. I didn't realize until recently the amazing cloth diaper diversity that is out there! Any suggestions from anyone? I'm a little overwhelmed with all the choices....

There you have it. A vacation week in the life of an American couple living in Africa with two small children. Whether you really wanted to know all those details or not.
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