Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Think of William and Stella Today

William is Tanzanian. He is the head custodian at HOPAC.

He is wonderful. Full of joy. Full of energy. A hard worker. Happy to help. Brightens your day whenever you encounter him.

He deliberately moved into an impoverished area to plant a church. He spends his Saturdays playing soccer with dozens of kids. He works long hours and then goes home to share Jesus with people.

His young wife, Stella, has been pregnant with their first child. He has been so, so excited. It's been fun to talk to him about it whenever I see him.

Today we got the sad news that Stella delivered at 7 months. The baby lived a few hours. Then he died.

When the hospital discharged them, they gave them the baby and William took him home and buried him in their front yard.

My heart is so broken for them. Of course, my heart is broken for anyone who loses a baby pre-term. But in this case, I struggle, because I'm guessing that chances are, if that baby had been born in the States, he would have lived. Babies are born at 7 months all the time in the States and are perfectly fine.

It's just not fair.

Come quickly, Lord Jesus.
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