Monday, December 1, 2008


On the night before my 16th birthday
my best friends kidnapped me in my pajamas
and made me a cake
and I slept over at a friend's house

and then the next day they dressed me up in my fanciest dress
and curled my hair
and took me out for breakfast
and made me go to school like that so that everyone would know that it was my birthday.
And I felt very loved.

Sixteen years later, on my 32nd birthday,
Four of my favorite girls, who used to be my students but are now my friends
came to my house
and made me a cake
and gave me a present
and curled my hair

and decorated my daughter

and arranged for a baby-sitter, since Gil is in the States right now---thanks, Christa!
and took me out to dinner.

And I felt very, very loved.
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