Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Adventures in Humidity

We have had the rainiest November in the six years we have lived here. I finally got a picture of what the road outside our house looks like when it rains...and this isn't even as bad as it was the day of the Big Flood.

All this rain has resulted what feels like the highest humidity we've ever felt. 100% humidity, to be exact. 100% humidity sort of feels like a sauna...or a steam room...or the bathroom after a hot shower. It's actually not that hot in temperature--it hovers around 88 degrees. But besides making you constantly sweat, humidity does weird things, especially to food. Like making bread mold if you leave it out overnight. And making mold grow on your leather shoes. And the other day, I went into my pantry and found this:

Can you tell from the picture? The Hershey's syrup was blown up like a balloon. Hmmm... Checked the expiration date. Not expired. Opened it up. Smelled like beer.

Did you know you can make beer from Hershey's syrup?

Tasted it. Don't know if it tastes right. The stuff is vile to me anyway, since my parents forever ruined Hershey's syrup for me by smashing up malaria tablets and making me take them in Hershey's syrup every Sunday for all of my young life. So now? Hershey's syrup forever tastes like choroquine to me.

And now it smells like beer.

Still haven't thrown it away though. That stuff's expensive.

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