Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas in Pictures--Part 2

Christmas means...Flame Trees! Affectionately known as 'Christmas Trees' because they come into bloom around Christmas time.

Christmas means....pineapple season! Truckloads of them, piles of them for sale all over the city. This one cost about $1.25.

Christmas morning

This kid is literally obsessed with balls. We've considered putting him in 12 Step Program. Unfortunately his grandparents are feeding his addiction.


The maracas came in at a close second to the balls.

Christmas afternoon/evening. We had a great day with friends!

Grace pulling Ingrid and Josiah, thanks to Daddy's ingenuity.
We had a great Christmas! Even though my stove ran out of gas a half hour before serving time, and I spent an hour driving around trying to find an open place to buy more [stove gas in sold in large canisters, like for a BBQ in the States], but didn't find any, the only things we were lacking were the rice and half of the rolls. But we had plenty of food anyway. Gil had been sick all week but thankfully felt much better on Christmas Day! We had wonderful fellowship with friends.

Yesterday we wanted to go to the pool, but the hotel raised the prices for the holidays so much that we went next door to the beach instead. Much sandier, but much cheaper.
Grace said, "Look, we are snowmen!"

Oh, and since we always receive Christmas cards all through January....let the merriment continue!
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