Monday, February 9, 2009

Do You Live With Wild Animals?

Only kids ask us this question. But maybe you have wondered too.

No. We do not live with wild animals (unless you count two toddlers). There are 5 million people in this city so I'm guessing the wild animals probably got scared off.

On a daily basis, I see our two dogs. I also see cows, goats, and lots of chickens milling about our neighborhood.

Daily there are geckos on the walls in my house, but they eat the mosquitoes, so I don't mind. There is currently a yellow tree frog living in our toilet that we can't manage to catch. Sometimes I see large cockroaches, which then receive a very large dosage of insect spray. Sometimes we see other large, interesting bugs, but not in my house. Occasionally we see snakes in our yard, but the dogs always kill them. Probably the craziest thing I have seen in my yard was a 4 foot long monitor lizard.

However, Tanzania is home to multiple game reserves which are amazingly awesome to visit. We have been to five of them; the closest is about a four hour drive from here. The Serengeti is in Tanzania, which is probably the most well-known game reserve, and home of The Lion King.

Come visit us and we'll take you there!
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