Saturday, November 14, 2009

8 Truths About Missionaries on Home Assignment

  1. They definitely feel out of it. Bear with them.
  2. They actually feel like they have just changed planets, not just countries. Hence the reason they feel out of it.
  3. They really do want to spend time with you, especially if you have been praying for them or financially supporting them. One of the things they miss the most when living overseas is really great fellowship. This is the best way you can serve your missionary on home assignment.
  4. They love answering questions about their ministry. Don’t be ashamed to ask questions just because you think you should already know the answer. They don’t remember everything in your Christmas letter either, so they don’t expect you to remember everything they have written about.
  5. They are really not super-spiritual-Christians, so please don’t put them on a pedestal or be intimidated by them. They get cranky and tired and grumpy at their spouses and children and don’t always have noble motives for what they do. Normal ordinary sinners.
  6. Go ahead and laugh at them if they wildly exclaim about the smoothness of the roads or the great customer service, or if they say they are freezing when it is 70 degrees.
  7. They love their mission field, but they love America too. Especially the people.
  8. They really can take no responsibility for anything they say or do while jetlagged.

Tomorrow is the big day!

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