Thursday, November 5, 2009

Even Better Than the First Time

So remember that Beach House we discovered a few weeks ago when our friends were staying there? We immediately asked to make our own reservation, and got really lucky that the owner had a cancellation and could get us in last weekend.

We took our youth group leaders and student leaders (the ones who could come on such short notice) and it was totally fabulous. This place truly is the most amazing vacation spot I have ever been to.

The front room and kitchen. This picture is taken from the porch. The entire wall of the house opens up into the porch. The pictures just don't do it justice....

Matthew and the flying Josiah. He loves this. "High! High!" he kept saying, which is pretty significant considering this is the child that is afraid of ants and lizards.

Homemade dough-boys on the porch at night. Doesn't get much better than that!

Amazing afternoons....unfortunately I was reading a very dry book on Paul's theology for one of my classes....a novel would have been much more enjoyable.

God's artistry and Gil's talent.

But the best part was yet to come.
On Sunday morning, when we were having a little worship service, one of the workers came up and asked us if we wanted to see the "kasa."
"What's that?" we asked.
He didn't know the English word. "A type of sea creature..."
We figured he was talking about a type of sea food that the local fishermen were trying to sell to us (as on previous mornings). "Nahhh..." we said.
Then one of our friends with us looked thoughtful. "I think 'kasa' means 'turtle'," he said.
"WHAT?!?!" we all screamed, and took off for the beach.
It was true. Something we have ALWAYS wanted to see, but is practically impossible to time right...was right on our doorstep.
A sea turtle nest was hatching. Totally and unbelievably incredible.

Baby sea turtles display the amazing handiwork of God. Once they hatch, they "somehow" know not to come out until it is night and high tide. They "somehow" know that they are supposed to get to the ocean, and "somehow" know how to get there. Their mother is gone; they are on their own.

The person looking after this nest estimated there were up to 200 baby turtles in there. He opened the nest so we could see some that morning, and then we stayed until night time so we could watch them make their long journey to the ocean.

We cheered them on, all the way down the beach.

Ah, the Splendor of God!

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