Monday, February 22, 2010

MK Narcissism

It's hard enough convincing your small child that she is not the center of the universe. It's even harder when she is an MK.

I remember being in fourth grade, right before my parents returned to Liberia for their second term, that I walked into my Sunday School class one day and the entire bulletin board was devoted to me. AND they took up a collection that day, AND used it to by a radio for me. Talk about being the center of attention. At least I was old enough to know I was not the center of the universe.

And now it's happening to my kids, except they are a lot younger. It's missions month at our home church, and when Grace walked into her Sunday School class yesterday, the bulletin board was devoted to our family. Grace noticed: "Look, Mommy, that's us!" As if it's normal to have your family's picture on your Sunday School class bulletin board. She told me afterwards that the teacher had her show the class where Tanzania is on the map. I said, "What did you say you can do in Tanzania?" She said, "I told them you can play with toys there."

Whenever we visit someone's house (which is often these days), our family picture is on the refrigerator. Whenever we go to a church, our family picture is in the hallway. Whenever she sees gifts, she assumes they are for her. They usually are.

Oh my. You are not the center of the universe, child. But I'm sure you don't believe me.
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