Friday, February 12, 2010

Sweet Reunion

Gil and I had to go to Minnesota last week, since that's where our mission's national office is located. So we stayed an extra couple of days and visited three of our favorite people who are now going to college there! Aishi, Dorothy, and Bernice graduated in June and are now in Minnesota of all places. Because, of course, that is the logical place for students to go who have spent their entire lives in a tropical climate. Six months a year of freezing cold blizzards and snow and ice forming in your nostrils. Yeah. Logical. We said, "We TOLD you to apply to schools in California!!! But would you listen? Noooooo..." They don't care. They just like the cute sweaters and boots.

Anyway. It was a wonderful two days of reuniting with these girls who are such a part of our hearts.

When we asked where we could take them to dinner, they chose Indian food. Because it reminds them of home.

Sigh. We're so proud of them. All grown up.
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