Saturday, May 8, 2010

Dressing Those Gals

What do you do when you know you have a costume party coming up and need vintage clothing? Go to a thrift store, of course!

And when there are no thrift stores in your country? You go to the market! Because guess what? Ever wonder what happens to all the clothes in the thrift stores that don't get sold? They get boxed up and sent over to third world countries! And end up in markets like these:

And how do I know that these clothes are thrift store cast-offs? Because they all have labels like this:

Since our Youth Group is having a "Gangsters and Gals" (Roaring 20's) theme night on Friday night, a bunch of girls and I headed out to the market today to find costumes. I wasn't terribly optimistic as to what we would find, but boy, did we find some gems! I know you just can't see it now, but this really is a fabulous flapper costume. (Can you believe the thrift store got rid of this fabulous dress?) Just you wait until the pictures of Friday night!

It was great. We all even found matching hats--adorable hats--to go along with our fabulous dresses. Of course, it is a little awkward trying on dresses over your clothes, with four salesmen watching, all of them suggesting the next dress to try on. And of course, I did have to tell those men numerous times that, no, they cannot marry any of the girls I was with. That still didn't stop them from proposing.

But what do you expect? They are indeed beautiful girls.

I love the uniqueness of groups like this. One 9th grader, one 10th, one 11th, and one 12th grader. One from America, one from Denmark, one from Germany, one from Holland. All MK's.


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