Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Continuing in Hope: Stella's Story

Remember how I told you that Stella went to Massana hospital two weeks ago? 

Well, she's still there.  And it looks like she won't leave until that baby is born.

At first, the doctor wanted her to stay a few days to recover after the suturing surgery.  Then, apparently she came down with malaria so she stayed a few more days after that. 

A couple days ago I talked to William about this.  "What is the doctor saying?"  He told me that the doctor says that she could go home, or that she could stay.  It was up to her, as long as they could afford it.

I told him that the money wasn't a problem.  It costs about $10 a day to keep Stella at the hospital.  But I was still wondering if that's really what they wanted to do.  It seems like torture to me.  No friends.  No television.  Nothing to do but lay in bed, all day long.  Of course, she would be on bedrest at home, but at least she would have people to talk to, and a husband to come home to her (who has been biking to see her every day).

Yes, he told me.  She wants to stay in the hospital.  She is afraid to go home.


Of course she is afraid.  Wouldn't you be?  The woman has had one miscarriage and three consecutive viable births at 7 or 8 months that have resulted in a dead baby. 

I have had a hard time imagining how such a young woman has dealt with such unspeakable pain.  In many ways, she seems incredibly strong for all of her 23 years.  And her faith is unshakable. 

But she is afraid.  It just takes them too long to get to the hospital from their house, William told me.  And if something goes wrong in the middle of the night, they might not even find a taxi to take her. 

She's in her fifth month.  So that means she will be in the hospital for about 4 months.  That's a long time.  But worth it, if she finally gets to hold her baby in her arms.

Dr. Carolyn told me the other day that she recently assisted in a birth at that hospital, and she was marveling at the wonder of it.  She said the nurses told her, "Next time you can help Stella deliver!"  As she told me this, we both got tears in our eyes.

Let's pray that day comes. 

And until then, I'm going to try to find Stella some yarn and a crochet hook.  :-)
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