Saturday, December 18, 2010

Representing Us

For the past ten years, this quilt has been on our bed.  Our wonderful friend Suzanne made it for us as a wedding present, and if you read our story, you know that Suzanne had a pretty big part.  I love that quilt.  It reprsented us.  She had let me pick out the fabric, and it combined our two favorite colors. 

But it has been 10 years.  So it's been falling apart.  And after mending it a half dozen times, I finally decided we needed a new bed cover.  So when we were in the States, I looked.  And looked.  And looked.  And I found nothing good enough...nothing special enough. 

I'm glad I waited.  

When we were in Zanzibar for our anniversary, we came upon this amazing shop.  We had seen it before on previous trips, and I have always, always loved the work of these talented women.  But it was Gil who suggested this time, "I wonder if they make bed covers?"

And they said Yes, we could special order it.  And they could bring it to us in Dar es Salaam.  I immediately knew that this would be The One.

All the quilting is 100% hand stitched.  Incredible?  Oh yeah.  (And $140.  Yep.  Had to add that in there.)

I mended Suzanne's quilt one last time and put it away for sleepovers and special occasions.  And now we have a new quilt for the second decade of our marriage. 
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