Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ages 5 and 3

Grace just took her kindergarten assessment test, loved it, and was very disappointed that she still has six more months to wait.  She is starting to read and SO ready to start school.

Yeah, yeah, yeah…I know he’s cute.  It’s a good thing, too, so that he will live to see four years old.  He ain’t so cute when at lunch and told to eat one carrot stick (which he happens to like) and he screams bloody murder at me, “YOU ARE NOT MY FRIEND; I AM NOT GOING TO PLAY WITH YOU!” (which is his ultimate insult—and duly disciplined as such)….or when he hurtles a toy across the room when told to remove his socks (which is his ultimate punishment) because he has hit his sister.  (But it is pretty cute when he then tells me the rest of the day, “My feet are cold; I need my socks” and its 90 degrees outside.)
BOTH tell me they are VERY ready for their little sister to join us!
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