Friday, March 25, 2011

Getting Close

Stella is at 32 weeks.  Just after my last update about her, the doctor admitted her to the hospital as a precautionary measure.  She will stay there until the baby is born.

I went to see her the other day, and she is enormous.  She's a tiny woman to begin with, which makes her look even more huge than she is.  That's got to be a good sign, right? 

Her main problem right now is that she is anemic and can't seem to get her blood level up.  In fact, on Wednesday the doctor decided to give her a transfusion, so William donated some blood.  Apparently she was too afraid to receive it and wouldn't let the nurse give it to her.  I'm sure this is because the last time she had a transfusion (during her previous delivery), she had a horrible reaction to it.  Dr. Carolyn told me that at her current hospital, they automatically give the drugs to prevent a reaction, so that should not happen this time.  Carolyn was hoping that Stella would agree to the transfusion today, but I haven't heard yet. 

I'm sure Stella is struggling with fear these days.  She lost her other babies around 32 weeks.  Please keep praying!  If she makes it at least 3 more weeks, it seems like the danger zone will be over.  It sounds like the doctor might even give her a C-section at that point if the baby is big enough.  There is no NICU in the country, so the baby needs to be big enough to survive on its own.
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