Saturday, April 16, 2011

God is Gracious

Stella got her stitches out today, and was discharged to go home.  So we went over to pay the final bill and take William and Stella home. 

Their baby's name is Janet, and she is one week old today.  Baby and Mama are both doing great, and exceedingly beautiful.  Enjoy!

About a dozen different people/families gave money to make sure Stella got good medical care, and I'm sure hundreds of people prayed.  William and Stella have told me repeatedly to thank everyone who stood beside them through this.  But don't stop praying!  1 in 9 children in Tanzania don't make it to their 5th birthday.  

Janet M. is a very good friend of William and Stella's whom William has known for over 10 (15?) years.  She and her husband were deeply involved in William's life and ministry.  If she had been in Tanzania this year, I know she would have been the one making sure Stella got good medical care.  It's a perfect name for their baby. 

Then I looked up the meaning of 'Janet':  God is Gracious.

Definitely perfect.
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