Saturday, June 25, 2011

All Over the Place

You know when your mind is so full of different things that you can't really focus on any of them?  When you are experiencing so many different emotions that you don't really know what to feel? 

Yeah.  One of those weeks. 

Elation over Lily's police report.  Impatience that we still are waiting.  Crazy head all week to get ready for our youth camp next week and the team that arrived yesterday to put on the camp.  Excitement of having 14 members of our home church here with us.  Getting them all fed; getting them all sleep.  Arranging transportation.  Signing up kids for camp up until the last minute.  Camp starts tomorrow!  Yay!  But stress!  And then the temptation of despair descending on all of us over the complete nose dive of the power company this week.  Every report we hear is very, very bad.  Will it go down to six hours of power a day?  Will it come on at all?  Reports of people going without for 24, 36 hours.  So far ours has been a 15 hour cut, and now it is off again.  What will we do?  Discussing other options for power.  What will we do?  Can I live without a fridge, a washing machine, my computer? 

Ack.  Too many thoughts in my head at one time.  Did you get that camp starts tomorrow?  I won't be on here for a week or two.  Will try to update about Lily when that news comes.  Not sure what we will do if we get permission to go get here while we are at camp.  We're in for a roller coaster.  Will tell you about the ride when we get back! 
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