Monday, June 20, 2011

And then it happened!

The text message came about 11:00 this morning:  The social worker has received your police report!

Finally, finally, after all these weeks!  Blessed, blessed news!

There is still one more step.  The police report gets sent down to Dar, and then we wait to receive one final letter from social welfare telling us we can bring her home.  With Grace and Josiah, that only took a week or two.  We have friends who waited eight.  You just never know. 

BUT the exciting part today is that now we can introduce her to you.  The police report was the key, because that's the letter that releases her for adoption.  Up until that report, it's just speculation.  

Anyway, what am I wasting time for?  You want to meet her! 

So here she is:

Her name is Lilly Zawadi Clement.  Her mother, Zawadi Clement, died two hours after she was born, and no one ever came to claim the baby or the body.  She was a premie and stayed in the hospital a number of weeks.  Now she is almost 2 1/2 years old.

We are going to keep her name but spell it Lily.  This was an endless debate between Gil and me, because I really like the significance of giving any adopted child a new name when she enters a family.  But she does already know her name, and Gil and I both really like the name Lily, so Gil won out in the end.  She will one day be Lily Zawadi Medina.

And there was great joy in the Medina household!
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