Friday, June 3, 2011

The Sublime and the Ridiculous

When walking to the tailor:
Grace:  Mommy, why are all the kids saying 'mzungu?' Is that another way of saying Hi?
Mommy:  No, it means 'white person.'  They are saying that because I am white.
Grace:  Oh.  We don't mind that you are white, Mommy.
Grace:  When my baby sister grows up, I hope she doesn't speak Italian.  Because then we wouldn't be able to understand her.
Mommy:  What was that thumping I heard in your room a little while ago?
Grace:  (with great emotion)  Just the beating of my heart.  Because I hurt my chin this morning. 
Josiah to Grace:  You are spitting at me! 
Grace:  No, I am laughing.
Josiah:  But you are spitting!
Grace:  (indignantly)  Laughing makes the spitting come out! 
Mommy to Maggie about college life:  You might want to request a women's only floor.  Would you really want to live with guys?
Grace:  Yeah, that would be stinky.
Grace was doing a princess puzzle.
Josiah:  I like Belle.
Grace:  But she doesn't have any superpowers.
Josiah:  I know; I like her face. 
Mommy:  Why do you like her face?
Josiah:  Because she is awesome.

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