Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Getting to Know You

Yesterday and today were public holidays because of Eid.  Gil took Grace and Josiah to go see the Smurf movie.  Lily and I stayed home.  (We decided she's not quite ready for Smurfs yet).
I was doing some office work in my room, so I brought Lily with me along with a basket of play dishes and food. 

She carefully took everything out of the basket.  Examined it with solemn eyes.  Stacked it.  Brought me some delicious food to try. 

She found a marker in the basket and started coloring on the frying pan.  I quickly pulled out a piece of paper and asked her to color on that instead. 

After about 15 minutes, she picked up each and every toy and put it back in the basket.  Set it aside.  She put the piece of paper back to where she had seen me take it out.  Stood up, crossed her skinny little arms, and stared at me.  Yep.  Crossed her arms.

"Are you all done?" I asked.


"Do you want to play with something else?"


I'm not sure if my other kids ever voluntarily picked up their toys at age 2.  (Or age 5).  Well, at least this kid is tidy.
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