Monday, November 14, 2011

Four-Year-Old Perspective

In a conversation about colors:

Josiah:  I am brown.

Mommy:  Yes, you are.  What color am I?


Josiah:  You are orange.

[Hmmm.  I would prefer peach.  But technically, peach is just light orange.  Okay.]

Mommy:  Why do you think that I am orange and you are brown?

Josiah:  Because you are a Mommy and I am four!

Mommy:  Oh, so what color will you be when you are grown-up?

Josiah:  Orange.

So I did set him straight but I don't think he believed me.  Orange is actually my least favorite color.  Wish I was brown sometimes.

(these pictures are from the "Little Kickers" club that Daddy and Sam are coaching)

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