Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Geckos on the Wall

(Technically this picture might be a lizard and not a gecko.  But anyway.)

It never fails.  And every time, it cracks me up.

Whenever we have teams come, or visitors from the States, they sit in our living room in their groggy, jet lagged state.  And the first time the cameras come out is for the geckos on the wall. 

It's always the geckos. 

And I think to myself, "There's a gecko on the wall?  Oh...yeah, I guess there is."

There are geckos on the walls every single day, probably at every hour of the day.  I just don't see them anymore.  Well, unless one gets smashed in the door jam.  Or if I open a cabinet and one jumps out at me. 

But I've been thinking.  Most of my posts recently have been about adoption, or parenting, or HOPAC, or the kinds of things grandparents want to see.  But I haven't done much recently about Tanzania.  And I suppose, that's because after 8 1/2 years, Tanzania hasn't seemed interesting enough to write about anymore.  Because it's just normal life.  And isn't it like everyone else's? 

You mean, you've never had a gecko jump out of your cupboard?  (Trust me, I would take a gecko any day over a two-inch cockroach.)

So.  In an attempt to better observe, appreciate, laugh, and record my life here, I'm going to start a new category called,
"The Interesting and The Amusing in My Daily Life."

I hope you will be interested and amused.
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