Friday, January 27, 2012

The Yolks on You

There's a dairy company in Tanzania that has a partnership with the Netherlands.  That makes sense.  Dutch=Dairy.  I get that.

But Alaska and eggs? 

What on earth does Alaska have to do with eggs? 

As far as I know, Alaska is not known for their egg production.  Did they have incredible amounts of egg knowledge to share with this poor third world country?  Did the government of Alaska give a grant to Tanzania to assist with their egg production?  Is Alaska shaped like an egg?  Did the owner randomnly point at a map when choosing the name?  Are they hoping all the Alaskans that live in Dar es Salaam will choose their eggs instead of others? 

I will wonder every time I buy these eggs, and I will probably never know.  But at least I will know that these eggs are "as fresh as they should."  Because we all know, that's pretty important. 

But I will also think of my friend and Alaska-dweller, Wendy, every time. And so this post is in honor of her.

Oh--and one more thing you should know about Tanzanian eggs.  See the "Yellow Yolks" declaration?  Well, that's to distinguish between the "white yolks."  Bet you didn't know that egg yolks could be white.  But oh yes, they can be.  Yellow yolks is what helps you know that the chickens have been fed more than, say, dirt to eat.  So I am happy to pay extra for yellow yolks.   So even though I am sure our eggs are usually "organic" and "free range," the label I look for is yellow
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