Wednesday, February 1, 2012

East and More East

Way back in 2001, when Gil and I first moved to Tanzania, I was teaching at HOPAC full-time, but Gil was helping with an Indian church plant.  In Tanzania

There are actually tens of thousands of Indians in Dar es Salaam, let alone the hundreds of thousands throughout east Africa.  Almost all are Muslim or Hindu.  And they have lived here for generations, so they are Tanzanian citizens.  But still very Indian in culture. 


Many of these families send their kids to HOPAC. 

So in order to help the HOPAC teachers better understand Indian culture (and because I just love it myself!), on Saturday I took a bunch of teachers downtown to teach them a little about it.  We visited the mosques and Hindu temples.  We listened to some friends who are working in these communities.  We had great Indian food.  And of course, we went shopping for Indian clothes! 

After Africa, India is my favorite culture.  So I get the best of both worlds.  :-)
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