Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Third Turning Three

It's true what they say about the third's really just not fair.

Grace got a birthday party with friends when she turned three, and a pinata her Daddy made her.  Josiah got a picnic and face painting and balloon animals. 

Which, of course, they have no memory of. 

So why make a big deal, right? 

Poor third child. 

But since this is Lily's first birthday with her family, and well, she is pretty special, we still wanted it to be a special day.  Especially since she had been asking me for weeks if it was her birthday Today.

Since her birthday was a day off of school, we all got to go to Water World. 

And since we were making waffles for dinner, I thought, No one is really going to want to eat cake, right?  Can't we just put the candles in the waffles?

So we did.  But then, whenever I was in the kitchen the next two days, she asked me if I was making her a birthday cake.

So the girl got a cake.  Just a couple days late. 

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