Thursday, March 22, 2012

I know, it's been a week since I've written.  Sorry, I don't want to make you wait that long.  Because I'm afraid you'll stop coming back.

The car is getting serviced, so we are stuck at home.  It's raining, which allows for blessed breeze.  We enjoy it while we can, knowing that as soon as the sun comes out, so will the humidity.  Esta and I just finished cleaning the oven.  It doesn't look much different, considering it is 10 years old.  But my old lady oven keeps on baking my bread perfectly, so I can't justify replacing her. 

Mama Raymond is here to do the girls' hair today.  Dora is on, Lily is sitting patiently, and Mama Raymond just took a break to pull an enormous breast out of her shirt and feed her baby.  No one in this house blinks an eyelash at that. 

Pretzel rolls are rising on the counter. Josiah is outside with Paul, our gardener, who is roaring him around the yard in the wheelbarrow in the rain.  I just wrote an article for the HOPAC newsletter on how if we want our kids to unplug from media, then maybe we as parents need to do so as well.  And now I am on my laptop, blogging.  Ha. 

I have lots of posts in my head, but they are all frivilous and will probably go in the "Interesting and Amusing in My Daily Life" category.  But my camera is broken (a new one is coming) and I am afraid of using Gil's big ol' honkin' one. 

Plus, I just don't feel very frivilous right now.  It's been a hard week. 

You know those weeks?  It's not like anything tragic happened; just a whole lot of little sorrows and frustrations and hurts that build up until they spill over all at once and you become a blubbering mess.  I think I shocked my poor husband, because I am only very rarely like that. 

But this Mommy thing is hard, you know?  And you know that it requires sacrifice, but sometimes it seems like you can't give away anything else.  And then you find that you do it anyway.  And you are tired of feeling guilty and tired of picking up one more toy and just tired. 

And sometimes, I'm tired of Africa too.  But here I am. 

But today is a new day and God's grace is always sufficient and Heaven will be much, much better.   Pretzel rolls really help too.
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