Friday, April 27, 2012


These days, this is my favorite household product:

Not only does it kill these, which are our constant companions almost every day of the year,

But it also kills these, which like to jump out of the kitchen cabinets at me.

And most recently, it's very useful for killing these:

Yes, they are definitely as bad as they look. 

And the night before last, Sam woke me up at 4 in the morning because one had just stung her in her bed. 
*double shiver*

You got that right. 
It stung her through her shirt, so it wasn't worse than a bee sting.  But it was in her bed!  I got my can of Doom and we searched the room for 20 minutes but couldn't find it, so finally she just slept the rest of the night in my room.  Twice I've found them in my kids' beds....thankfully the kids weren't in them at the time.

And this morning, there was one under Grace's backpack. 

And that's why Doom is my favorite product. 
For now and all eternity.

(Pictures of bugs are not to scale.  Mosquitoes are, well, mosquito-sized.  Cockroaches are two inches long, and centipedes are 4-5 inches long.  *shiver*)

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