Monday, November 19, 2012

Awww...You Guys Made Me Ink!

(name that movie)

When I taught in California, there would be this big moving-van type truck that would arrive in the parking lot once a year with a mobile aquarium in it.  The kids would be shuffled through and allowed about five minutes each to "touch and feel" the ocean animals.

First grade visited the tide pools last week to finish up their seashore unit.  The kids at HOPAC don't know how good they got it, with their own non-mobile aquarium five minutes away from their school, and they got a good two hours to "touch and feel" the real thing. 

The octopus provided the most entertainment of the morning, when it proceeded to spray black ink all over the screeching children standing over it. 

 Mikayla, Nurdin, and their jellyfish friend.

Sometimes I laugh when people think our kids are deprived, growing up way over here in Africa.
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