Saturday, November 10, 2012

Forceful Five

Josiah is very into Star Wars these days.  (Do you sense a pattern with this kid?)  The difference with this current obsession is that he has seen the movies (unlike the vast majority of the superhero movies)....carefully edited and always with his Daddy. 

Superheroes have given Josiah tangible examples of kindness, heroism...and helping his sisters, instead of knocking them over the head.  Star Wars is teaching him the consequences of unrepentent sin, especially anger.  You can just see the little wheels in his head turning as we discuss it with him.  For a kid who is highly imaginative, this is very effective. 

So for birthday Number Five, of course it all had to be all about Star Wars.  Though I'm not sure who was more excited about it:  Josiah or Daddy. 

Yoda, Queen Amidala, and Princess Leah

In honor of his fifth birthday, I decided it was time to move him into his size 4T clothes, whether they fit him or not.  He still jumps into my arms almost every day and I can still easily carry him.  I'm in no hurry for him to get bigger! 

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