Sunday, August 25, 2013

Meet Me in St. Louis

First of all, as a side note, the title of my previous post came from Field of Dreams.  Really?  You didn't get that?  If you haven't seen it, you either are younger than me, not American....or maybe you just have really great taste in movies.  After all, I'm not really sure why a movie about a baseball field in a Iowa cornfield was so popular.


Onward to Missouri.

In St. Louis, we met with Ed and Janet, wonderful friends who date back all the way to my first trip to Tanzania in 1998, when they hosted the short-term team I was on.  They've been encouragers and cheerleaders for us ever since.

We got to spend a whole day being tourists in St. Louis, visiting Grant's Farm (as in Ulysses S. Grant), the Arch ("Gateway to the West"), and the Zoo.  

at the top of the Arch (over 600 feet), which you get to by riding in a very tiny little claustrophobic capsule.   They only give you a few minutes at the top, but I was totally fine with that!   

 Mississippi River

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