Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Doug and Elaine and family were co-workers at HOPAC with us for many years, and we taught their kids. As a fellow adoptive mama, Elaine has been a mentor for me for many years.  I remember when we first brought home Grace, she brought me a meal....because she knew that new adoptive mamas need those too.    

and they took us to Chocolate World in Hershey, PA....

chocolate-induced, somewhat maniacal smiles....

Then we drove east to see Dan and Janet and family.  This family was one of the very first families we met in Tanzania, way back in 2001.  They mentored us and taught us and loved us for years....they were the ones we always called when we had no idea what to do....which was often.  How sweet it was to be with them again.

Thankful for big boys who were happy to play with my little boy.

We're almost to the Atlantic Ocean....stay tuned!

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