Tuesday, January 7, 2014


She's halfway to 16.

But how is that possible, since it can't have been eight years since this?

She's my good-natured, easy-going, happy, friendly, sweetheart.  She's a peacemaker, a hard worker, and she leads by enthusiasm.

We celebrated with miniature golf and rock climbing with her friend Kylie.  Later we celebrated with family and a chocolate-peanut-butter cake that she was thrilled to make herself.

She's God's Grace to me.
She's a fragrance of Grace to everyone she meets.

Here's to the next eight years.


Kimcoutts said...

That's our girl! What a blessing sweet, wonderful Grace is to all of us! Babu and Bibi

Bibi Walton said...

Well, you captured in this writing a tiny bit of the essence of grace in this gift to world which is called Grace Christa. She has won my admiration and love since she was a baby. Enjoy being 8, Gracie!

Cecilie said...

Dear Sweet, beautiful Grace! Happy belated birthday! Thank you for being the kind-hearted, funny, talented girl that you are. I really enjoyed spending time with you this summer. Remember that you are so, so loved, firstly by God and secondly by an incredible amount of people( including me!) I hope you had an amazing birthday, and that you really enjoy being eight years old!
I miss you a whole lot, but even though it's hard missing people and saying goodbye, it's way better than not having awesome memories with friends from all over the world!
Lots of Love from Cecilie

Janet McB said...

She's just so lovable!