Friday, February 28, 2014

Mission Love

I would guess that it's kind of unusual when your employer asks you, "How can our organization improve?"  and you can't really think of much.

That's how it was for us this week.  We are in Minneapolis right now (staying indoors as much as possible because it is way, way, way too cold here!) at our mission organization's National Office.  We work for ReachGlobal, which is the international mission of the Evangelical Free Church, and on every home assignment, we come here for a few days of debriefing and meetings.

And I couldn't be happier.

I love that ReachGlobal holds us to high standards.  They put high priority on healthy people and healthy marriages and healthy teams.

I love that ReachGlobal wants all their people to be working in their "sweet spots."  I love that they want us to love what we are doing.  I love that they encourage us to dream big, and then hold us accountable for working towards it.

I love that they take good care of us.  I love that I can come to the National Office and see all the faces behind all the emails and feel like they all genuinely love us and love serving us and love what we are doing around the world.  I love that ReachGlobal believes that pastoral care and mentoring are really, really important.  I love that they make sure we have the finances we need to do our jobs effectively.

I love that our leader, Tim Addington, is such a visionary and wise and godly man.  I love that he leads by serving.  I love that he encourages all of us to do what we were created to do, and that he is open to new ideas and crazy ideas, as long as they fit into ReachGlobal's values.

I love that ReachGlobal emphasizes church multiplication and national leadership.  I love that they have really, really big dreams and really, really big plans to make those dreams come true.  I love that they include internationals on their leadership teams so that all the dreams aren't just coming from America.

I love that prayer is really, really important to them.

I love being part of an organization that is doing a great job.  I love that I feel like I can trust the decisions that they make.  I love knowing that I get to be a part of something that is so much bigger than I am.

So....anyone want to join in?

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