Thursday, May 29, 2014

Just Being People

All year, we've been Gil and Amy, the missionaries.  Everywhere we go, we talk about Tanzania.  Almost every conversation is about Tanzania.

Of course, it's great and all and we love it.  But having that identity all year gets exhausting.  It's like trying to live up to some sort of ideal.  

But on Thursday nights, we got to be Gil and Amy, the people.  

When we came back to California, we asked our church leadership how we could best serve.  They asked us to take over the college group for the time we were here.  The current leader was overstretched and needed a break.

Of course, we were thrilled.  The college group at Faith is how we met each other, and we had also served as its leaders when Gil was in seminary 10 years ago.  We love college students!  

So on Thursday nights, we get to just be Gil and Amy, and hang out with this crazy bunch of students.  We get to teach on worldview, which is quite possibly our favorite thing to teach on.  We get to talk about college life and apologetics and modern culture and all things Disney (since there is a bit of a Disney obsession among certain members....).

The only thing weird about this year is that we knew a lot of these students when they were in kindergarten.  In fact, we were their Sparks' leaders.  

But we couldn't possibly be that old.  

We love you guys.  So thankful we got to do this year with you and just be Gil and Amy.

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