Friday, June 20, 2014

The Senders


Yesterday, I came across these cards.  They are from 10 years ago, when we were raising support to go to Tanzania long-term.  People responded by sending in these cards, committing to pray or to give.

I looked through each one yesterday (many, many more than are shown here) with tears in my eyes.  These cards are from 10 years ago, and yet so many people represented by these cards are still praying for us, still supporting us....after all these years.

I can't express how incredible and humbling it is.

Yesterday we got a visit from a friend who just joined our support team.  She's the kind of person who inspires everyone she talks to, and she exudes passion for Jesus and missions.  She was explaining why she joined our team:
"As John Piper says, 'Go, send, or disobey!'"

God has given us the privilege of going.  Yet we don't forget, not for one minute, that we could not go without an army of senders.  I don't doubt that One Day, when all things are revealed as they really are, that they too will share in the joy of what God is doing in Tanzania.

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