Thursday, July 24, 2014

Diary of an International Transition: Days 3, 4, 5

My days have been spent unpacking.

My nights have been spent lying awake, trying to get my body to overcome jetlag.  

And that about sums it up.  

Both are improving dramatically.  

On Monday, we unpacked all the stuff we brought from the States.  On Tuesday, we started tackling the garage, where we had stored everything else (except our furniture--the family in our house was using that).  

Seriously, the stuff in our garage looked like it had been there 25 years, with the dirt and the lizards and cockroaches and the moths and various droppings from the lizards and the cockroaches.  I had forgotten how dirty everything gets here.  But thankfully, everything has recovered.  

The above picture is our bedroom earlier today, and right now, it's almost completely put away.  Progress!

Here are a few other images from today.  

We transformed the garage into the kids' playroom. I LOVE THIS.

Our landlord had cut down the gigantic, gorgeous trees in our yard right before we arrived.  She had been talking about this for a while, since the roots were wreaking havoc, but we were still so sad to see them go.  See how lonely that tire swing looks?  

I'm not actually sure our dogs remember us.

Spaghetti sauce cooking on the stove; a common site in my kitchen.  Tomatoes are plentiful and cheap here, and the canned stuff is expensive.  This is about six pounds of tomatoes, cooked down.  

This afternoon the vet stopped by (unannounced; he does that from time to time) and told me that I got fat in America.  This is a compliment in Tanzania.  I did my best to smile and thank him!

Tonight, as I was locking up, I picked up a toy the kids had left on the porch.  A giant rhinoceros beetle fell off it and bit my finger and just about gave me a heart attack.  Thankfully, it only gave me a bloody finger.

Oh yes, I am home.

This is the end of my Transition Diary....I will move onto other topics now.  Thanks for reading along!  

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