Saturday, November 22, 2014

Everything Good

So we're new to this Reach Tanzania thing.  You know, the pastoral training program we just joined a few months ago.

But last week, we got to join in the celebration of the completion of the 2014 Certificate Program.  It was one of those days of Everything Good.  When you see God working and you know you are doing what you are supposed to be doing.

And this is what our students (all who are currently serving in church leadership) are saying:

My life is changing.  I came here like I was blind and now I see.  In the area of my marriage, before it was bad, but now I enjoy my marriage.

I learned how to prepare a sermon.  Before I took these courses, I thought that the more Scripture references I used, the more spiritual I was.  But really I was just taking a bunch of luggage and throwing it at my congregation.  I have now learned how to preach and teach.  I came to realize that I can have just one point from the Scripture when I give a sermon.  

Life change as leadership is not the works but the heart.  God does not look at our works but the intentions of our heart.

Reach Tanzania is the place where lives are changed!  These teachings have helped me a lot to arrange my sermons.  I can use stories, I can use questions, and to teach using only one point.  

The teaching that really changed my life is the life of Christ Jesus of Nazareth.  (Gil taught that class!)

From the Life of Christ class, I learned about discipleship.  Discipleship is about leading and teaching someone through example.  

I always wanted to be noticed as a team leader.  I wanted many people in my ministry.  I have learned I can invest my time even for one person who is ready to grow.  

I have learned how to read the Bible.  When I used to read the Bible and I came to a part I didn't understand, I would just jump to another place, or close the Bible.  But since I came here to learn, I have learned how to read my Bible.

What a blessing to know these faithful men and women!  In January, we start with a new group of students, and we get to start from the beginning this time instead of joining in the middle.  We've only just begun....and yet we already get to see the fruit.  God is good.

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