Monday, March 9, 2015

Excuses, Excuses

We were supposed to have a team meeting that day, but we couldn't start on time.

The vet was at our house, and he was using our coffee table to put a cast on the broken leg of our dog.

Alyssa said, "You better take a picture and put it on your blog."

Oh really?  You mean it's not normal for people to start meetings late because dogs' legs are getting casted in their living rooms?


P.S.  Yes, we've been having "dog issues."  A few months ago, we had to put one dog down due to some sort of tumor growing on her head.  Then, that dog's brother ran away shortly after--probably from distress over losing his sister.

Two weeks ago, we brought home a new dog, a seven-month-old German Shepherd mix.  He annoys the heck out of Minnie, our Jack Russell.  About a week ago, as Gil was driving in, the new dog was nipping at Minnie's heels, pushing her under the car, and Gil promptly (accidentally, of course) ran over her leg.  Hence the need for a cast.

Today we found out that Minnie is also experiencing a "psuedo-pregnancy," which means she is lactating all over the place.  I didn't even know that was a thing.

We're not even dog people.  Somebody help us.

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