Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Somebody Please Induce This Labor

Yesterday I forgot the Swahili word for twenty.

It's one of the first Swahili words I learned....14 years ago.  I've used it thousands of times since then.  Adoptive moms definitely get pregnancy brain.

We're waiting for one. last. letter.  One last blasted stinkin' letter.

Apparently it's been written, but needs to be signed by another person and then stamped by yet another a different building.

These last few days, I jump every time my phone rings.  If you've called me recently, and I sound disappointed that it's only you, I apologize.  Don't take it personally.

I'm at least two weeks overdue.  This baby wants to come out.  Please, somebody induce me.

This was two days ago.  Thank you, Hannah, for continuing to post pictures of our gorgeous boy.  I can't stop looking, even though it's torture to see them!

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