Thursday, November 5, 2015

Josiah is Eight

It's been 8 years since this quirky little guy was born.  In 8 more years he will be sixteen.  Whaaaat????

He could kick since he could walk.  Recently, a mom of four boys said to me, "My boys say that Josiah by himself could beat all of them in football combined."

That's my boy.  He is the smallest in his class, but he is the fastest.  Last week, when school was cancelled because of the election, he said, "I'm sad there's no school....because I wanted to play football."  He plays three times a day--at least.  

So, of course, he had a football birthday party (of course).  Gil, who is the party-planner extraordinaire, planned a multitude of football activities for the boys.  Cost nothing and was the best party ever (as confirmed by various 8-year-olds).

Aw, my sweet boy.  You are all energy and bravado, but you still love to climb in my lap.  This Mommy is still so smitten by you.

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